About Us

We are all volunteers who are dedicated to supporting the Kori Project. Together we have helped raise funds for shipping, buying seeds and tools for the agricultural projects, paying school fees for girls, donating medical/hospital equipment and the building and furnishing of The Sandy Raffan Library. We also work to raise awareness of the practice of FGM in the Kori area and help the women and girls to be aware of choices.

2000 women from the rural community of the Kori Chiefdom including Taiama have now become members of the agricultural project including 20 men. There are many more women wanting to join when funds are available. People from the surrounding villages of Taiama also participate, funded by gifts of starter seeds from the Taiama project.

Our board of Trustees meets regularly to oversee the Kori Project.

Specific goals and objectives:

  • To facilitate the further cultivation of rice, cassava, peanuts, beans and sweet potatoes to provide food and income.
  • To help provide more agricultural equipment in order to increase crop production, in particular, a tractor.
  • To help fund the buying of pigs for breeding, eating and for income to pay for school fees, the security guard and the librarian
  • To help manage the provision of micro credit loans to the women for use with education, agriculture and small scale businesses. This is to enable them to increase their livelihood skills and income, thus reducing the risk of sexual exploitation and enabling them to achieve a positive social role.
  • To raise awareness of the physical dangers of FGM and empower the women and girls of Kori to be able make a choice.